Tom Roberts

Tom Roberts is a leading exponent of early jazz piano. He's played everywhere from New York’s Carnegie Hall and the Tonight Show to the major jazz clubs in the French Quarter.


From Rick Sebak's blog: The music for Route 88 had to be piano music.

From Nebby: Rick Sebak's Tales of Greater Pittsburgh:

"The coincidental connection between Route 88 and 88 keys on a piano came to me one morning in the editing room. Then I knew I wanted piano music for the whole program. I guess I was ranting about it somewhat loudly because WQED’s popular TV cook Chris Fennimore happened to be walking by the editing room, overheard me, and he said, 'Call Tom Roberts. He’s a great piano player, and I think he’d like to do this. I’ll send you his info. He’d be perfect.'"

Tom talks about "The Barbecue Prelude" and demonstrates, then Frank records the transition music from New Eagle Atlas through Monongahela City to 4th Street Barbecue in Charleroi. Route 88!

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